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Natural ways of getting rid of ants from your house

November 2, 2018

How to kill natural ants is a recommended solution to be applied at home because ants are usually found in areas where we eat or store food, such as kitchens and dining tables. In addition, maintaining a clean house is still the best preventive measure. Immediately clean the kitchen table after finishing pressing and the dining table after eating, wipe with a cleaning liquid such as the Multipurpose Cleanser Sprays to ensure there is no oil and stains left behind. Mopping the floor is also a powerful way to deal with ants, it is recommended that the floor is routinely mopped with a cleanser that also functions as a disinfectant. Aside from that, you might go to to find various tips for dealing with other types of pests.

The effective way to repel ants can only use kitchen ingredients or non-toxic natural ingredients. Below are some ways to get rid of ants that are safely applied at home:

Coffee. Sprinkle a little coffee grounds where you find ants or in the ant line. Coffee neutralizes the smell that ants like and the aroma of coffee itself is not liked by ants. This method does not kill ants, but enough to drive them away. Of course, you need to use fresh coffee grounds, not sweet coffee grounds.

Mint. Mix a few drops of mint oil into the water, spray it into the area where the ants like to roam. This is also one of the scents that ants hate.

Lime. The smell of lime acid will disrupt the smell and orientation of the ant, making it run away. Cut the lime and squeeze, then mix the juice with a little water and spray it in the corners of the kitchen cabinet. You can also add a little lime juice to the floor cleaner and kitchen cleaner, or it is easier to select lemon juice for home cleaning.

Cinnamon. One more pleasant aroma for humans but not liked by ants, cinnamon. Sprinkle a little-powdered cinnamon in the corner of a drawer or kitchen cabinet where food is stored to prevent ants from coming.