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These Are Three Signs When Your Computer Infected by Virus

On the computer you are using, of course there are some viruses that you don’t realize. Usually, the virus appears on your computer when you visit various sites that are not trusted or you don’t scan every time you connect falshdisk to a computer. These two habits are most often done and cause viruses on your computer. Best free antivirus for PC is what you need most to make your computer avoid virus attacks.

You as a computer owner also need to know that there are some signs given by your computer when the computer is exposed to a virus. Some of the signs in question are

1. There is an error program or application
One of the computers affected by the virus can be seen from the application program, which mostly turns into an error. For example: slow opening, can not be opened at all, or can be opened but not functioning properly. Although this is not absolute because of a virus, but a virus is also one of the things that can cause this event.

2. The computer system is slow
There are not many people who know that the slow pace of a computer system can be caused by a virus attack on that computer. This will certainly disrupt the computer’s performance. Because, if one application program slows down it will interfere with other application programs. If the virus has successfully attacked the computer’s operating system to severe, then usually to turn it on also takes tens of minutes the new computer can be used. Even if it is alive, it will definitely make you troubled because of the delay, plus error messages from the system that will always appear.

3. There is data that is hidden by the virus
However, what happens if the important data is infected with a computer virus? Usually, computer data that is exposed to a computer virus can still be accessed, but if opened the contents of the data appear to look empty. That is, the virus can hide files and data that are on your computer.