3 Important tips for when you walk with your dog

February 13, 2018

It is very important for a dog to do sports activities, although it must be adjusted also with the type/breed of the dog, for example, a Golden Retriever should be invited to exercise at least 20 or 30 minutes a day by way of joint activity. while my pet is a chihuahua that does not require heavy physical training then for this road activity can be done on weekends or plus one day in the middle of the week. Why walk together? in addition to being a physical activity for the dog also adds to the closeness between the dog and the owner, also train the dog to socialize (so it won’t be surprised to see the environment outside the house), and to train the dog to wear the leather dog leash properly as well.

1. Time: choose a comfortable time, such as the morning between 6 am-8 am or mid-afternoon between the hours of 4 to half 6 pm. even if the time available tonight is not why, as long as the weather is sunny. you should avoid walking in the day so that the dog is not too hot.

2. Duration / Mileage: adjust to the type/breed of your beloved dog, for example, there are dogs who need a day of exercise 2 x 45 minutes there is also just enough 1 x 15 minutes. Like a small dog or a tired dog, do not walk too long or too far. and try gradual introduction. for example, the first street session starts with a short route, once accustomed the route can be extended gradually

3. Before Step One: if your dog gets too excited before you start walking, ask him / her to sit / calm down before you start stepping out, bringing dogs running in “over-excited” conditions is not good, sometimes the dog becomes more difficult and allowing the dog to try to steal the house while you are off guard.

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