3 Types of Termites You Need to Know

September 23, 2017

Termites are one of the kinds of pests that you might often find in many kinds of places, such as furniture and even buildings. The same with any other pest, it is better to eliminate termites as soon as possible before they cause any damage. You can use the service of termites controllers like the HOA LAM termite control company to help you.

Do you know? The termite queen, depending on species, can produce as many as 30,000 eggs in one day. Termites are also included in the animals who socialize because they live in the colony.

White ants are silent destroyers that can make you fall asleep and it’s too late to know your home has been attacked by them. Termites damage house building by targeting cellulose materials such as documents, furniture, door frames. Some damaged items are even too valuable and priceless like important documents and luxury house buildings with fantastic value. Fixed damages and damages caused by termites can result in a cost that is not cheap and a long time.

In general, there are three types of termites in the world. Dry wood termites, subterranean termites, damp wood termites. However, the most common type found is coptotermes sp. which is the species of subterranean termites.

Dry wood termite colonies are commonly found in dry wood, often on a wooden foundation of a building. Dry wood termites are also less dependent on humid air and do not require access to the ground.

While subterranean termites build their nests in the soil and are highly dependent on moist air. They build termites to keep the moist while looking for food in open areas. This termite is considered very dangerous because the consequences are very damaging to a building.

For damp wood termites, they are heavily dependent on moist air and search for food from old wood stumps, old logs, and buried wooden pieces.

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