About Me

My blog and I

Hello. You must be new here or simply curious about the person behind this sweet blog of mine. Well, it’s me. My name is Eula G. Snow, and I really love writing and blogging. These two beautiful passions of mine are inseparable. As you can see, these two hobbies or passions that I love so much are going so well together. I think they may get even married! Hehe.. Let’s put the joke aside for a while.

As you can see, my blog is about many things. From simple health tips to the ways to do your business, this blog is very flexible. Various types of information and tips can be found here. Even some info about technology can also be read on this blog of mine. This is actually intentional. I don’t really like for my blog to be so stiff. Just sharing information and tips about the same topic for a long time can be boring for me and for the readers. So I really enjoy running a blog which covers a lot of ground.

You may find that my blog isn’t that specific, but this is actually the way I’ve wanted it to be. So this way, you can find more than just one types or info on this blog. On the other hand, this flexibility comes with its own reward. Many people will likely to come and visit my blog to read the information that they need. The chances to receive critics and opinions from various types of people will be reduced if I’m limiting the topic of this blog into only one particular thing.

I love connecting with new people. I love knowing new people, and I also love sharing info with a lot of people. So having a blog with various types of discussion topics that I can share is what I truly want. So visit my blog, and explore it. On some occasion, you may find the information that you need to know intentionally. On the other hand, you might stumble across an article that you’ve never even heard before in your life. So at the end of the day, you’ll always get valuable information and tips by visiting this lovely blog of mine.