Areas Needed To Be Improved Before Moving Home

February 6, 2018

Moving home is often stressful, costly and time consuming. However, if done systematically and efficiently moving the house is not as bad as imagined. One of the things you can do to make your home move is not heavy is to rent Carolina Moving Company. Apart from that, here are some areas of the house that need to be addressed before you move. Getting started in this area will greatly reduce the amount of stuff you carry from your old home to your new home!

1. Drug cabinet
First, remove each pill box and bottle. Put everything on the table and discard the expired medication. After cleaning the unwanted, put the medications you want to keep in a box with a clear label. Use a piece of paper to mark the order of removal. Label each box with numbers. Then write the contents of the box next to the appropriate number. Every item that is moved from the old house to the new house must enter the numbered box and enter the appropriate list on the order.

2. Food cupboard
Like a medicine cabinet, the kitchen is the main place you need to fix first by emptying shelf by shelf. Check the expiration date of the food you store. At least, fix the cabinets three days before you move. Leave the food as needed to be consumed before the day of the move arrives.

3. Warehouse
Be honest with yourself as much as possible about the items that are important to carry. Remember that storing your most special items is not the same as saving everything. Ask the family members they want to keep, and set the time well before the day of the transfer, so they can collect their belongings.

4. Garage
Like warehouses, garages typically serve as storage places for rarely used appliances and household items. Moving home takes time to ask yourself what the value of these items is worth. When fixing the garage, use three large cardboard boxes labeled “junk,” “donate” and “save.” Use this box to help sort out what will happen to you from the trash and given. Label the “save” box with the number, add the contents to your transfer list.

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