Bathroom Part That Must Be Cleaned Every Day!

December 3, 2017

The bathroom is one of the means in the house that you and your family use every day. Activity usage is high enough no doubt makes the bathroom dirty faster. In addition, if you are also not diligent to take care of the bathroom then what will happen is a clog that is easily clogged. Well if that happens, then all you have to do is to call the waterway repair service at to get reliable waterway repair service and with affordable nutrient as well.

Therefore, there are some parts of the bathroom that must be cleaned every day. And this way, of course, will also at the same time facilitate you when going to do a big cleaning that is usually done every week or two weeks. Here’s the review!

This section is the most difficult part of the bathroom to clean when you clean the bathroom overall. However, this ‘dirty’ job actually becomes easier if you clean it every day. The trick, provide a brush and toilet cleaning fluid that can be directly sprayed on the inside of the toilet. Let stand a few moments, then brush a few rounds and flush the toilet clean. This simple job will keep the toilet seat clean.

The door part and the shower curtain
This is the part most often encountered by the rest of the soap. And if left too long will certainly lead to the growth of bacteria. To avoid it, clean it every day. If you are in a hurry, just rinse the shower curtain with hot water. Once done, keep the shower curtain open so as not to become damp and grow mildew. Turn on the exhaust fan if you have it in the bathroom.

As well as doors and curtains covering the bathtub, this section is also susceptible to plastered with soap residue attached to make the bathroom so mossy. To clean it, you just have to wipe it using a sponge. After using a shower then you have to dry it with a towel so that no residual water attached. Another tip is after bathing, you have to use the shower to knock out the rest of the soap on the walls, floors and even the bathtub.

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