Best Room For Rent In Singapore With Master Room

Singapore is one of the best places for you to visit and it will be more fun if you are accompanied by family or people who are closest to you. To settle in this country, you don’t need to rent expensive hotel rooms. One of the best choices is the room rental Singapore with a master room. That way, you and your family can stay comfortably there. You can book the room you want at a price and also different facilities. Here are some rental rooms with master rooms that you can consider.

1. Room in Toh Yi Park

Room in Toh Yi Park is located at 13 Toh Yi Drive, Beauty World (DT5), Singapore 590013. The rental fee is 1000 Singapore Dollars for 1 year. This room can be rented for all women or men. There are facilities such as AC, cooking, internet and PUB. The main bedroom provided is complete and also spacious.

2. Rooms in Eunos

This place is located near the east coast road intersection, joo chiat street, Eunos, Singapore 424868. This place is provided for all people of all genders. This place has facilities such as air conditioning, internet, and PUB. You can bring guests into your room. The condition of the room is nice, clean and there is a window to see the view outside the building. The rental fee is 1,300 Singapore Dollars in a 1 year rental period.

3. Rent the Main Room

The location of this place is located in alley 25A Geylang, Aljunied (EW9), Singapore 388222. There are facilities such as AC, Cooking Places, PUB including and also the Internet. The rental fee is 900 Singapore Dollars for 1 month. This place can be rented for men and women (any sex).

Thus are some of the best rooms to rent in Singapore with master rooms for you. With bigger rooms, your family is definitely more comfortable to stay. Don’t forget to ask the security facilities offered because this is also important. Hopefully this article can help you find a suitable room!

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