Common Mistakes in Making Website Design

Have you had a website? We believe you already have it because the website is a popular medium for marketing your business. Besides functioning as a marketing medium, the website is also a reflection of your company, so professional website design is important to have. For that, we recommend that you visit conception de site web quebec.

The credibility of a business can be assessed from how your website is displayed. Unfortunately, many businesses do not pay attention to the appearance of their website. In fact, a trivial error in making website design can be fatal. Here are some common mistakes that are often made when designing a website.

1. Selecting Photos / Images with Poor Quality

One important part when building a website design is photos. Choosing the right photo or picture can convey millions of meanings, because photos that can convey emotions, give orders to carry out actions, explain features or products in detail, even describe concepts without having to read a word in the promotion. Vice versa. Poor photos can give a bad impression to your website. You need to know also that good photos/images used in the website not only must High Resolution (high resolution). Why? Excessively high resolution can also affect your website performance, and potentially slow access speed. So, please consider carefully the use of photos for your website.

2. Too complicated navigation

This is where you have to think harder. In the Navigation section, you should be able to understand exactly what you and the website visitors want. Determining the navigation can be described as laying the foundation of the house. Failure in determining the initial foundation can be at risk of causing your house to collapse. There are quick ways you can take to determine what navigation you will use: ask yourself. What do you need to ask?

– What pages does this website need?
(You can see references of websites that suit your business run)
– Does each page have other wider schemes?
– Will the content be broken down into sections?
– What are your visitors’ main goals?
(Are they looking for information? Or do they want to be your customers?) The answer to this question will also determine whether your website needs a login system or not).

By answering all of the above and understanding how your website’s content is related to each other, you will find the basis for determining good navigation.

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