Custom your bathroom with designed shower panel

September 13, 2017

If you are looking at installing a shower panel in your home there are a few things you would want to consider. Most bathrooms are not designed for custom shower panel so your overall bathroom design may have to change if you want to install a custom shower panel unit. If you are thinking of buying a modular steam room there is far less work involved.

Our best advice is if you plan on installing the best customer shower panel to find a contractor in your area who specializes in it. Your average builder is not capable of designing or installing a bath like this properly.Modular shower panel kits are much more affordable and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles for bathrooms almost every application imaginable. This makes it easier to design a bathroom in a new bathroom.

There are some basic designs that are all shower panel that make designing your bathroom much easier. Modular shower panel come in corner units, free standing units, and alcove showers. The shower panel is finished on three walls so it looks like it was built into the wall. The free-standing unit is open on three sides and is usually mounted on the wall. By far the most common of these is the steam room’s corner. These come in different sizes for a 35 “to 63” bath with whirlpool bathtub as a base.

The corner shower panel makes for the easiest and roomiest bathroom design. This is because they take up the least amount of floor space and with sliding doors this unit can not block the bathroom vanity and toilet like a hinged door unit can. By utilizing various angles in your bathroom you can leave the middle of open space. Maneuverability is the key to efficient design of shower panel.

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