Do You Like A Challenging Game? It’s A Ride In Dufan that you have to enjoy

For many people, going to Dufan is a very pleasant thing because they will find many rides that can challenge their adrenaline. That way, you will feel a different and extraordinary sensation from all the rides provided there. One ride that is never deserted by visitors isĀ tiket masuk ancol 2018 for arung jeram dufan.

Of all the available rides, the ride that challenges adrenaline is indeed a ride that is always ridden and always in demand by many people. There are several thrill ride rides that are always crowded with visitors and you can also enjoy them. Some of these rides are

1. Tornado
If you like games that challenge adrenaline, then try to ride the ride. feel the sensation of spinning above the altitude at high speed. These Tornado passengers will sit in seats that are lined up and back to back with a capacity for 40 people. It will be a very challenging game for you.

2. Lightning
This is a ride that is also known as a roller coaster. The trajectory is made very complicated and winding, so that lightning can pass by spinning and reversing with high speed.

3. Hysteria
Besides the two games above, Hysteria is also one of the extreme women you can try to test your guts. Don’t be surprised if many people who ride this game all scream in fear.
Visitors will be thrown up in a short time and then back down very quickly. This throwing and returning process will be repeated. So, prepare yourself mentally and physically before riding it.

4. Research and Development
Ombang Ombang is one of the rides in Dufan Ancol which is also found in several other amusement parks. However, the designation is a little different, we know it better by the name Ombang Ambing.
As the name suggests, when you ride it you are as if being swayed by the waves. While oscillating, you will also feel a very powerful shock.

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