Feel the Excitement of Dufan

Dufan at Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is a famous theme park in the capital area ancol promo. The playground which was officially opened to the public since August 29, 1985, was also the largest outdoor entertainment center in the country. As the name implies, Dunia Fantasi carries the concept of traveling around the fantasy world. This theme park is equipped with various high-tech toys. The playing arena is also divided into eight sections according to the theme, namely the Region of Indonesia, Jakarta, Asia, Europe, America, Greece, Tell and the Ballad of the Monkey. You can try exploring the Palace of Dolls and arung jeram dufan. No less than 600 animatronic dolls are ‘dressed up’ with various accessories and placed in settings that represent various world cultures .

If you are a fan of Star Wars movies, please try the Star War ride. Equipped with laser swords, visitors can explore the aisles that are designed to look like space complete with flying saucers. A different atmosphere can also be seen in the House of Leaning. As the name implies, not only is the position of the house tilted, but the furniture in the ride is also arranged not in general position. Visitors can also try to copy the glass aisle in the Jail House.

For those who like to show, please come to Kalila & Paddle Pop featuring a four-dimensional adventure show. The action of cute penguins in the Happy Feat movie can also be witnessed in a ride of the same name. A new performance ride that is a shame to miss is Treasureland Temple of Fire. The audience will be treated to the adventures of finding ancient artifacts flavored by the great action of an experienced stuntman.

The world of Fantasy is also known for its various games that test adrenaline like Hysteria which will throw and drop passengers in seconds. There is also a Tornado for those who want to feel the sensation of sitting upside down. Still not challenging? Try Power Surge or Kicir-Kicir. Don’t forget to try the Kora-Kora, Ontang-Anting, Alap-Alap, and Halilintar rides.

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