Get to know some complaints that customers often ask at customer service

November 6, 2018

A business or company certainly must have a good customer service division in their company. That way, the company will develop because of an increase in customers. However, another thing that also needs to be considered by the company is the contact number that can be contacted by the customer. You can learn more first so you can get the right contact number and can be easily contacted by customers. That way, the customers will not waste a long time to contact you.

Unfortunately, product sellers or service providers often feel that they have provided a service that they feel is good to the customer without knowing exactly how the customer sounds. The following are some types of complaints that are common in a business:

1. Excessive promotion
When a customer gets an error in information about the products and services provided, it will make the customer disappointed with the services provided. This often happens when service providers give excessive expectations when promoting products and services but apparently cannot provide customers as promised.

2. Substandard services
It is natural for every customer who feels as a King will always expect good and satisfying service from the seller. Therefore, sellers or service providers are expected to provide services that are more than 100% to customers. One of the tips that can be done by the sellers is to provide other compensation for the decline in services that will be carried out, such as discounts, additional guarantees, and so on.

3. Delays or slow service
Delays in services provided to customers make customers impatient and easier to complain to service providers. It is better if the service provider provides a clear standard service waiting time to the customer so that the customer can estimate the waiting time in planning their activities. This complaint often occurs in the process of managing important documents which can take days of work.

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