Guide to Traveling to Bangkok for Muslims

Bangkok is one of the favorite traveling destinations for people because it can be satisfied shopping at very cheap prices. In shopping places in Bangkok you will often meet people who shop a lot of things. One of your worries is that if you vacation in Bangkok, of course about the availability of halal food in Bangkok right? Finding halal food in the city of Bangkok is actually not a difficult thing. But it’s not easy if you don’t know the exact information about these places, especially the street names in this city are quite difficult to say. You can get some information about halal hotel in bangkok on our website.

As a national capital, Bangkok is definitely one of the cities with the biggest holiday destinations for foreign tourists. At least Bangkok will be one of the cities that will be visited if to Thailand. Here are some places for halal food recommendations in Bangkok:

– Chatuchak Weekend Market
This market is very well known for explorers who vacation in Bangkok, this is one of the largest markets in Thailand. As the name suggests Chatuchak is only open on weekends. More than 15,000 booths exist to sell all your needs, from souvenirs to food. Uniquely, the Chatuchak market is also a favorite place to find halal food in Bangkok. One of the most famous ones is Saman Islam and Kah Jak, both of these places are located adjacent to the benchmark are large clock monuments in the middle of the market.

– Sinthorn Steak House
If you like steak and are looking for halal food in Bangkok. Feel free to visit Sinthorn Steak House, which is located on Ramkhamhaeng Road. The owner claims that this place is the largest Halal food place in Bangkok. You can find various menus in this place, and as a mainstay, it is definitely a steak dish. The prices of steaks in this place are sold starting from 110 baht (mini portions) to 280 baht. Large portion (family) mutton menu is valued at 1,150 baht. While the prices for buffets (Korean-style roast meat) are 99 baht / local person and 129 baht for foreign tourists.

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