Heartburn in Children: When to worry?

August 31, 2018

Although heartburn in children often occurs and is generally mild, heartburn in children can also be a sign that your child is experiencing more serious health problems. In order not to worry too much, it’s good to recognize the symptoms of Heartburn in children who are fairly normal and serious in order to be able to handle it quickly.

Generally, heartburn in vulnerable children occurs at the age of 11 years and under. For children who have already spoken, they can tell you when you have Heartburn or point to the aching stomach. However, if the heartburn is experienced by children who have not been able to talk, you need to be more observant about the signs. You can also visit our website and find out that you can use Baking soda for heartburn.

The following are some of the causes of heartburn in children based on their severity.

– Light heartburn

This condition occurs when your child has heartburn which is generally not accompanied by other symptoms. Usually, this type of heartburn will disappear in less than three hours. However, if it is allowed to happen repeatedly, then it may be able to develop into more severe. Some of the causes include:

Increased gastric acid, or reflux
Food allergies
A sore throat
Ear infections
Depression or anxiety.

– Heavy heartburn

Your child may experience a condition that is considered severe or serious if Heartburn does not improve within 24 hours or worsens. If this happens, your child is likely to suffer:

Blockage of food flow in the intestine.
Gastric ulcer.
A hernia.
Urinary tract infection.
Chron’s disease.
Sickle cell anemia.
Lead poisoning.

If you have a daughter who is puberty, her heartburn can be caused by the menstrual cycle. The possibility of a pain getting worse in the next few months.

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