Here are some of the most iconic antagonist characters in the cartoon series The Simpsons

September 10, 2018

In the cartoon series The Simpson, there are certainly many iconic characters that you are waiting for and you recognize their existence. This cartoon series did gain tremendous success in its own country and abroad. In fact, many of their fans made caricatures of their faces and replaced them with the faces of the characters of The Simpson. You can also do it using the simpsons avatar.

That way, you can get a picture of yourself that is unique and interesting and different from the others. Of the many main characters in the series, there are some of the most iconic antagonist characters that you can recognize in the cartoon series, such as

1. Kang and Kodos
Not only human costs are the antagonistic characters in this series, but green octopus aliens have also made the whole city of Springfield chaotic. The two antagonistic characters of the aliens are Kang and Kodos who appeared on the special Halloween episode, Treehouse of Horror.

2. Artie Ziff
This antagonist character is a billionaire. Have a software company that sells well. He doesn’t need to worry about the material. What he obsessed was only Marge Simpson. In fact, he is very idolized since they were in the same school. In fact, until now, he still planned to separate Marge and Homer.

3. Mr. Burns
This character is one of the main antagonistic characters in the history of the Simpsons series. As Homer’s boss, he is a crazy character with treasure and power. To adds wealth, he does not hesitate to do all illegal actions such as selling uranium to terrorists and so on. He is even known to always behave unkindly to his employees. He is also very good at manipulating and never hesitates to make others suffer. However, behind his nature, he once gave his favorite teddy bear to Maggie Simpson.

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