How to Take Care of Short Hair

September 14, 2018

For some women, cutting hair into short is a way for the head to avoid being hot and tend to be easier to regulate. But make no mistake, apparently how to care for short hair is equally need more attention like having long hair. Having a short haircut can indeed impress a woman with a simple soul and a more eye-catching style. In addition, short haircuts are chosen by some women who feel as independent and have a leader’s spirit. But it must be remembered, having a short haircut demands to pay more attention to the details of the hair condition itself. Because, if short hair is not treated properly, hair problems such as dandruff and branching hair become more visible than those who have long hair. Both have short and long hair, the body still produces oil on the scalp with the same amount. As a result, you who have short hair will look more oily than when you have long hair. Therefore, try washing your hair more often but with a lighter shampoo. You can apply this variety of tips at home.

Start using shampoos and conditioners with smaller amounts when shampooing. Short hair will not require a lot of conditioners. Using too many conditioners will overload the hair. In addition, using too much shampoo can irritate the scalp and dry hair. One of the advantages of having a short haircut makes it unnecessary to have a hairstyle in such a way. Even so, hairstyles like getting out of bed are also unsightly, right? If you don’t have a lot of time to arrange your hair, just spray water into the hair using a spray bottle. Then, just use your hands to arrange your hair as you wish. Easy isn’t it? You can add the use of products for hair such as anti-curly serum, gel, spray or cream styling. The use of the product will be less and make it easier to arrange. In addition, try to avoid using hot styling tools such as hair clippers.

The scalp is one that needs to be considered in an effort to maintain healthy hair, one of which is using gel or wax products. The reason is that excessive use of the product can cause it to build up and make the scalp dry and irritated, and can even make it peel off. Alternatively, try wearing a hair mask on the head. When your hair has begun to grow, your appearance will certainly change. Therefore, try making a schedule to trim your hair regularly every 6 weeks and cut your hair in full every 3 months.

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