Know Any Factor In Content That Affects Against Seo

In online marketing, of course, aka tone content that supports the workings of the system. Beyond that, you should also take note of the agency that handles the online marketing issues. In the agency, there must be a professional person who can handle the problems that are usually there. Jesse Singh is one of the online marketing experts who can help you.

Of course in online marketing, you will use SEO that has a big impact on crowded or not blog you have. then, you should also know that there are some factors in the content that can adversely affect SEO. Some of these factors are

1. Spelling and typo
The quality of a content is certainly not only seen from the uniqueness and how innovative the content, but also from the technical side of writing such as spelling and typo minimization. Many people will not believe in your blog if there are many typos in it. If you think logical then how someone will believe in the existing information if basic technical writing is still not true?

2. Fool the reader
If you create content with a title that contains the keyword you are targeting, but the content is totally irrelevant to it, it will outwit the reader. Cloaking also includes deceiving readers and making your site at high risk of being penalized by Google. What is meant by cloaking is showing different content to the reader.

3. Keywords that are not relevant
Although Google is a machine, they have the ability to recognize the structure of the correct sentence. They will know what content it contains and what keywords we are trying to optimize. Sentences that imply compel and not natural just to enter certain keywords will adversely affect the overall content. That is why a content creator should have the ingenuity to build a whole and natural sentence.

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