Know where you will display your wall art

November 15, 2017

Displaying living room wall art is not just hammering nails into the wall and hanging framed decoration. In order to look elegant, need to look right-left first, before “park” wall decoration to the wall of the house. Whether realized or not, wall art comes with a variety of functions and benefits. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this. In addition to the aesthetic function, wall hangings can also be used as a design solution in arranging the room. For example, to reduce the impression of blank and “deep” on a wall that is over 3 meters high – this problem usually appears in homes that use voids-can be installed long wall hangings or some wall hangings are mounted vertically. Wall hangings can also “outsmart” wall paint that begins to peel or the wall part of the problem if you do not have the budget for repainting.

Usually, there will be some questions that appear in someone’s mind, before deciding to buy wall art that feels appropriate to the decor and design of their home. Where is it? All the space in the house can be enlivened with wall hangings. Starting from the living room to the bathroom. Of course for each room should be chosen wall hangings in accordance with the function of the room. Remember also to align wall hangings with the tone color/interior style used in the room.

Not all objects can be displayed in certain space. Nothing, moisture, and steam generated from cooking activities can damage the scarf. Similarly for the bathroom. Preferably for these rooms are selected ornaments that are easy to clean and withstand humid conditions.

So, it would be better to first know why you want to display or put wall art in the living room. This will help you make the right decision without letting you waste the amount of money.

Eula G. Snow

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