Mistakes in bench press training

December 9, 2017

The bench press is a one-variant exercise for chest muscles. Bench press, when viewed at a glance, is an easy exercise movement , you lie on the bench board then you start lifting weights using the fitness bar then move it up and down. But have you realized whether the bench press movement you are doing is correct? However, before we continue, you can also read the test rx reviews to find a suitable and excellent muscle supplement to support your training.

Here are 3 common mistakes when doing bench press:

Lifting Hip as Start Lifting Weights

Lifting Hips from a Bench Board when Starting Lifting Expenses When performing a force, your body and your hips must stick tightly to the bench board to avoid fatal injuries. But sometimes you force yourself in lifting weights so force to increase energy by lifting your hips. This makes your body so curved if not immediately fixed it will become a habit. This position will put excess pressure on your back and shoulder areas which could pose a fatal injury risk in both vital areas.

Reflecting the Fitness Bar to the Chest

Boosting the Fitness Bar to the Chest This movement often occurs during a bench press, and always becomes a habit. If this movement continues to be done that you will feel is the pain in the chest because of the reflection. Then your chest muscles will not develop at all because there is no contraction that stimulates muscle growth with such movements.

The correct movement when the bench press is when you lower the load to the chest, do it slowly and feel the contractions on the chest. Touch the fitness bar to the chest but not reflected to reach the maximum position, then raise the load with moving faster than when it descends. Explanation of easy movement down 2 seconds, movement up 1 second. This will further stimulate the chest muscles to contract maximally.

Wrong Shoulder Placement

Wrong Shoulder Placement Correct shoulder shrugging when the shoulder bench press should be in the bottom or back position. A common mistake is when you lift your shoulders to the maximum. This will only shut down the contraction of the chest muscles and give contraction to the shoulder so that the more developed is the shoulder muscles rather than the chest muscles. Not only that, the way it can also cause injury to the shoulder because the shoulders get excess pressure. If you are always complaining about your shoulder pain after doing bench press, you could have made this mistake. pay attention to your shoulder position when performing bench press forces.

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