Nature can help you predict the weather

March 26, 2018

There are several ways to predict the weather easily and simply. And this way does not require sophisticated and modern equipment. These ones are the simple ways to predict the weather by observing some animals behavior, and Temora Weather wants to share with you some info about them below:

Animals are considered sensitive and can know the various signs of nature around it and predict the weather. Therefore, many believe that by observing the behavior of animals, we can know the possibility of a disaster or natural disaster.

Here are some animals that can help us to predict the weather around us.

Frogs: These amphibians will sound louder and louder than usual when bad weather will occur, for example, a rainstorm in the area.

Bird: If they fly high, then the weather is sunny. Conversely, if the flocks fly low then the weather is not friendly. This is because the air pressure during bad weather will make them feel pain if they are in altitude.

Cow: if the cows feel the bad weather, they will look nervous and wiggle their tail to ward off flies, or sit on dry pastures to save themselves when bad weather happens.

Bees and Butterflies: When the sunny day is usually a swarm of bees and butterflies will move around the flowers. When the bees and butterflies are not visible around the flowers, they predict that the weather is not good and there will be strong winds.

Ant: To prepare for the adverse weather, ants will build their nests with extra protection. So if the ants make the nest higher than the usual, it becomes a sign of bad weather coming.

The wind can help you as well

If you can not feel the wind, throw a piece of grass or some grass into the air and see how the grass fell. If blown eastward, it can indicate an approaching airwaves. If the grass is flying west then it shows good weather. Strong winds show great pressure differences, where it can be a sign of an earlier storm surge.

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