Not Only for Profitable Investors, It Some Benefits Of The Capital Market For The State

The international capital market is an effective investment for any company that will grow their business. However, please also note that this can bring clappers to the government. One of the capital markets you can follow is IC Markets. With the right capital markets, then you get the benefits you want and want to achieve.

Since international capital markets are the most important investments and can be done by those with multiple shares, this will make a State gain, especially for the economy of that country. there are several benefits of a good capital market for a State, such as

– Attracting Foreign Investors
With the development of corporate information as an issue, then the government can also take the opportunity to attract foreign investors to invest in a country. With a healthy competition and a company with high competitiveness, foreign investors will be willing to invest their funds in a country.

– The most important source of State Revenue
The state will get revenue from the capital stock of the tax given. With the existence of various kinds of transactions in the capital market, the State may withdraw the tax from the party conducting the transaction. the tax will be entered into the State treasury which can then be used for all kinds of State needs of course very important.

– Countries can Monitor Capital Transactions
Of the many activities on the floor of the stock is also likely to occur dark transactions. Therefore, the government has a very big role in maintaining capital market stability. The Government can supervise transactions in the capital market through the Capital Market Supervisory Agency to monitor the development of activity on the stock exchange.

– Monitoring Performance and Activities of Foreign Parties
Because the capital markets are open and international in nature, the government can easily find out the various activities undertaken in all companies listed in the capital market.

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