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February 12, 2018

When driving, of course, there is much you have to make sure you are safe. The one we recommend you have is the Dashboard Camera. Why? Because by using Dashboard Camera (Dash Cam), you can record all your travel activities. So, if something happens to you, for example, you have someone at a red light, then that person will be recorded on your cam dash and if you will have evidence to be taken to the police station. If you want to find out more about dash cam, you can visit

For those of you who plan to buy a dash cam, here are some things you need to consider:

– Picture quality while driving the night

Dashboard Camera will record all the time you drive. Day and night, dark and light. You should note that usually, the camera can not record images as well as light and dark, because of the difference in light intensity received by the camera. Therefore, it requires a camera equipped with High Dynamic Range that can clarify the picture details in low light conditions.

– Additional Batteries

Usually, Dashboard Camera operates without an internal battery as it directly uses the power source of the existing 12 V connection in the car. This feature is intended for Dashboard Camera can still be recorded at the time the engine died (use of the battery when the machine died can only interfere with the main function of the battery). This feature can meet some of your needs such as to record to the outside area of the vehicle after an accident, or when you want to play back the recording.

– Camera Size

Some models of Dashboard Camera are quite small and have separate components, while some models are large and can hardly be hidden. For a large minibus car, of course, the size of Dashboard Camera will not be a problem, but it would be different for a small sedan. Why is that? Due to the large size of Dashboard Camera can disrupt the view of the driver to the front.

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