Setting a Narrow Kitchen Effectively

February 12, 2018

Actually, a small kitchen is not a big deal, because when you know how to deal with it then it would be easier for you to cook. Well, to set your mini kitchen to be more effective then it would be better if you use kitchen furniture that is efficient and easy to move such as using Kitchen Carts to deliver food that has been cooked to the family dining room, besides makes you easier to deliver food for your family, you also able to put some cutlery there so it will not make your dining table cramped of eating utensils that are usually ordered on the dining table. Apart from that, here are some tips on arranging a narrow kitchen to feel more spacious and effective!

1. Find a place for all your stuff in the kitchen. Tidiness is the first and foremost thing in making space-sized space efficient.

2. Open your mind and give a chance that the grip that you use to organize the kitchen can be changed. Besides, you also able to use a glass door if you don’t want to open your kitchen cabinet.

3. To make your kitchen wider, it would be better if you create cohesion to make an illusion of wider space. Dishes and other items in your kitchen space are full. Therefore all you can do is paint the walls with white color and also use the plate with white color as well. The piling plate will seem to disappear and make your kitchen feel more tidy and spacious.

4. Adjust the size and quantity of cooking utensils or cutlery with kitchen area. If you live alone, there is no need to use a large rice cooker. You also do not necessarily need two dozen plates and large glasses.

5. Make a bright kitchen. Keep the kitchen has access to the sun, and also provide artificial lighting. Dark kitchen space will be more humid, moreover, if the kitchen has absolutely no access to natural sunlight. Make sure also the surface of the kitchen table (countertop) is also not dark. You can give lights on the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. This can make cooking easier.

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