Some of These Moments Make You Always Miss Christmas

December 14, 2017

Christmas that will soon arrive must make the Christians prepare various things to welcome that day. At Christmas, Christians usually go to church to worship and celebrate Christmas together. In church, you will definitely see the images of Jesus that will remind you of the real meaning of Christmas and the love of Jesus to his people. Christmas, always synonymous with the things that make you happy and happy to welcome him. Some moments about this Christmas will surely make you smile and remember that you never felt the happiness:

1. Buy New Clothes
The moment of Christmas becomes an exciting moment for you because it will buy new clothes. Usually, since the beginning of December, many people are already preparing this one thing.

2. Raft Christmas Tree Decorations
Typically, people will decorate his house with Christmas trees of various sizes and tamper with Christmas trinkets of various colors. The colors of this Christmas decoration that make you always want to repeat the activity, right?

3. Hold a Christmas Opera
You who experience Sunday school must be busy with the exercises for opera natal. This exercise usually begins about a month or two months before Christmas arrives. Whatever role you get, surely you keep the spirit to play it, right? this is because your usually will use a funny and unique costume. Opera from Sunday school is also never quiet, always filled with many spectators who want to see children perform.

4. Gather with Family
The moment of Christmas is also a moment filled with love. Every Christmas, all family members will come and gather to celebrate Christmas together. Moreover, if you can do worship in the church together. Or there is also a family that held a Christmas gift exchange to enliven the Christmas and family gathering moment that rarely happens.

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