Storytelling for Marketing Needs and Purposes

When you wonder how neuroscience and storytelling work for your online marketing to attract people, you surely have the reason to continue reading this article. Do you know? Our brains become more active when we tell stories. In general, many individuals enjoy good story whether it is a novel, movie, or something else which is explained by someone. To be able to answer the question you have in your mind, then you can simply ask yourself if your brain easily gets activated when listening powerpoint presentation with the boring bullet.

The good news is that storytelling now gets used for any marketing need and purpose. Well, the tradition of storytelling makes a community and family more alive and closer. Evolutionists say humans transfer knowledge from one generation to another through stories. Psychologists believe that the human brain is better designed to digest and compose stories than to manage data. Marketing is also basically an attempt to “tell stories” about the products we sell. Although many brands feel themselves “telling something”, in reality, most of them seem too promoted, superficial, and often feigned, so the resulting effect is still far from the goal of telling stories to “get into the heart”. On the other hand, there are many phenomenal brands that can tell stories so convincingly that they really stick to the public, even if they are not really the buyers of the brand.

Application stories can be divided into two purposes, namely internal and external. Internal purpose when the story is used to motivate employees themselves, while the external goal when the story is used to sell everything that is “good” to customers or prospective customers. The application in selling for external is influencing prospect’s response. As a salesman, we must have a complete collection of stories to be able to converse with the customer. The junior salesman usually only rely on product knowledge and presentation materials, but an experienced salesman relies more on storytelling to convince buyers. Whether it’s the story of other customers who have purchased the product and are satisfied, the story of the difficulties experienced by the company’s technical team but with high spirits, they have finally solved customer problems, stunning cases experienced by the company, even personal stories to attract the sympathy of prospective buyers.

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