The semi-automatic transmission of cars

August 24, 2018

If you talk about the system in the car, it feels incomplete if you don’t talk about the transmission system. Every car must have been equipped with a transmission system. The function of the transmission on the car is to control and move the gear that provides torque. With the help of the transmission system, you can adjust the speed of the car. In the meantime, you may go to Transmission Repair Arlington TX to get the professional repair service for your car’s transmission.

There are two transmission systems, namely manual and automatic transmission systems. The manual transmission was discovered in 1894 by Emile Levassor and Louis-Rene Panhard. Initially only three accelerations. In 1904 an automatic transmission that had two accelerations was created. Then, in 1937, Oldsmobile created a semi-automatic transmission that has four speeds. Oldsmobile created a fully automatic transmission system in 1948.

But besides the two transmissions that we usually encounter in many cars, namely manual and automatic, there is one more transmission type that car drivers must know.

Semi-automatic transmission

As the name implies, this transmission is a combination of manual transmission and automatic transmission. Gearshift on semi-automatic transmission cars cannot automatically change transmission gear. But the driver must be initiated first. Unlike a manual transmission that has to step on the pedal before moving the gear. Drivers only need to press the button or handle that is generally on the steering wheel.

The gear transmission is commonly called parallel gear transmission like a manual transmission car. The design is very suitable for driving engine power to the wheels of the car. Coupled with the help of automatic gearshift, a fast gear shift is produced. Some sports cars usually use semi-automatic transmissions. Like Ferrari and Maserati.

The way semi-automatic transmission works is quite complicated. Transmission gear shifts on cars with semi-automatic transmission are supported by many components. Such as electric sensors, processors, pneumatic systems and actuators. Some of these components are designed as a replacement for the clutch pedal. To adjust the clutch, this electronic component reads the torque signal, rotates the shaft and produces a smooth gear shift quickly and at the right time.

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