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Talk about employee performance there are 3 main factors that will influence it is the quality of the HR itself, the quality of the company and the quality of the family of the HR. Many companies focus only on human resources training and development that focus on the quality of the HR by providing knowledge and work skills that are crowded and continuous over time but in fact, this will be a waste when the company does not improve the working atmosphere and quality of the HR division shambles. In the meantime, you may check out the profile of Alberto Guth if you’re looking for a reliable resource management expert.

Let’s try to focus on the last two things: the problem of company quality and family quality. The quality of the company becomes very important because employees spend 1/3 of their time each day in the office or company. The working atmosphere, system clarity, appreciation become the company’s quality keywords. When employees are given a lot of work and high targets but in an atmosphere of fear, depression, overlap and no appreciation then the company will be a little hell for the employees. Then it is well worth the company can also be a convenient container for employees by providing a clear working system, working atmosphere that supports productivity and of course a fair appreciation system and able to build a passion for achievement.

Finally, family problems become an equally important aspect, because the productivity of employees starts from home. When the employee departs has brought family problems, arriving at the office still thinking about family issues then when will he think of the company? Surveys say that more and more families are troubled with money & finances, children, parents & in-laws, and extended families. But unfortunately, these problems are difficult to overcome by employees because they do not have adequate knowledge and skills. Employees during their lifetime are not taught properly how to manage money, how to educate and raise children, how to understand the psychological parent, etc. Even the survey says that money and finance issues become one of the highest scolding cases of marital divorce in the family.

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