The type of bag you often to use, shows your personality

December 1, 2017

In addition to carrying things on the go, bag selection also turns out to depend on your personality. Whatever type of bag you are looking for, you can find it in Blaxton Bags. There, whatever your style can look trendy with various products. Want to know what kind of personality you say based on the bag you often to use?

In this article you will know the answer:

1. Backpack, this type of bag has the most fans. In addition to large size, this bag also rests on both shoulders when used, so you don’t feel tired when you use it. This choice reflects a mixture of casual nature and practicality, especially when traveling long distances.

2. tote bag, simple design and has a lot of payloads become the choice of some people to wear this type of bag. If this bag is your main option, then obviously you give priority to practicality but want to keep looking stylish.

3. Messenger bag, this bag is suitable for traveling or work. This bag also gives the professional impression. The classic design makes this bag has its own fans. If you like to wear this bag, you are an active and professional person.

4. Briefcase, this bag is perfect for you who want a formal impression. With a classic design, your professional appearance can stand out while wearing this bag.

5. Clutch, nowadays, the clutch is not only for women. Clutch is also present for men. The stylish design, efficient and modern makes the appearance of people who wear them trendy. If this is what you use often, you may have a flamboyant personality.

So, which personality do you have and what kind of bag do you use often? Whatever bag you use often, make sure your bag is of good quality. If the quality of your bag is still not good. Maybe, you chose the wrong place to buy a bag. From now on trust the quality of your bag at Blaxton Bags, the center of the best quality bag with a friendly price.

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