These are Some Type of Lathe Machine You Can Choose

March 21, 2018

The lathe is usually needed by some industries that are working in that field. proper lathe must be found in order to produce a maximum and good result. For that, usually, they do not hesitate to find the right engine lathe machine. All that is done so that the results obtained maximum and do not need repetition that wastes a lot of time.

However, it should be noted that there are some lathe machines that can be used in industry. The many types of lathe machine make you have to find the right for the industry you have. Some lathe you should recognize is

1. Medium Lathe
This type of lathe usually has a more detailed construction and is equipped with special equipment. Lathes are used for jobs that have many variations and require very high accuracy.
This lathe can lathe material with diameter until 200 mm and length up to 100 mm. in fact, this machine is not only for generating tools but also used to improve tools and is very appropriate to use as a training tool in school.

2. Standard Lathe
This lathe has a bigger and heavier size. This type of machine is a standard in the manufacture of a general machine. With such components on other lathes, this machine is also equipped with coolers, work lights, tubs, and brakes. This type of machine is usually widely used in home industry.

3. Machine Lighter Machine
This type of lathe is usually used for small and light objects. This shape of the machine is small and simple compared to the other two types of machines. In fact, this machine can be placed on the table or anywhere because of its large size and weight. In fact, one person alone can lift this machine because of its small size and lightweight. This type of lathe can usually be found in schools because it is used as a very appropriate training medium.

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