This Food To Your Ferret

Like the wild ferret, ferret pets are love to eat chicken. Both raw chicken and chicken are already in cooking, ferret will immediately eat it without thinking. All parts of the chicken can be given to ferret to eat. Starting from the meat, liver, claw to the head of the chicken. Protein content in chicken will make ferret become fatter and more adorable. Get the best cat food for ferrets on our website.

In addition to eating chicken, a ferret like eggs that have been boiled. In the presentation, usually, this poached egg will be mixed with rice and given to a ferret. Boiled eggs are believed to help the health of the eyes and nails and maintain bone health. Protein content in it was known friendly with stomach ferret. Provision of boiled eggs should be interspersed with other foods such as fruits for ferret nutrients are maintained and the process of digestion can be better.

– Crickets

Provision of crickets for ferret food is as an additional food only and should not be given as staple food. You can use live cricket as ferret feed and give 2 times a week. If you give the crickets excessively to the ferret then there will be negative impacts that appear like the dirt is more fishy, causing ferret diarrhea and feathers to fall out.

– Worms

Not only used as a bird feeder, worms can also be given to ferret. These worms are often encountered in moist soil and must be dug in to find it. Worms have a high protein content compared to fish meat, chicken meat, and crabs. Very well given for ferrets that are still 2-4 months old because at this time they are in need of protein for the development of his body.

– Snail

By eating snails, many benefits will be obtained by a ferret. He can thicken ferret fur, making ferret fur color more bright and prevent loss. This is because the content of folic acid and amino acids present in the snail can help nourish the ferret hair. In addition, it is also beneficial to increase ferret body weight quickly because of its high protein content. Therefore, do not overdo it by giving a snail because it can cause your ferret obesity.

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