This is the reason why your internet connection is slow even though the signal is full

October 29, 2018

Today, there are many people who need the internet and many business owners who rely on the internet as their marketing medium. No wonder, if many people feel very difficult if they do not have a good internet connection. For this reason, Mangoesky is here to provide a good internet connection, visit situs di sini to be able to get a stable internet connection even in rural areas.

However, sometimes, you feel that the signal on your cell phone is full but the connection is very slow. Actually, this happened because of several things. Some things that affect the speed of the internet connection even though the signal on the full cellphone is

1. Speed ?is influenced by various things
Each device has the specifications for how much data can be transmitted.
In addition, traffic to operators is also very influential. The larger files you upload or download during rush hour, for example, the data transmission speed will be very likely to be slower than usual. Even so with the distance between your cell phone and the server, the condition of the base transceiver station (BTS) and some other technical matters.

2. Always check the application
one more thing that is often missed from observation is because of the ‘default’ application used. It could be, the application does require a large data capacity or even a server interruption.
To check it, try switching to another application. If it turns out that some applications are just as slow, maybe now is the time for you to know a deeper explanation.

3. Understand the basic concepts of signals
This explanation will be more technical. The signals sent by BTS are divided into three different sectors. For simplicity, just assume that there is a number A, B, and C. The signal that is responsible for carrying information from the sender to the receiver is called the carrier signal. Each sector A, B, and C also utilize the carrier signal so you can still connect to the internet. Even so, there are times when you are in an area that is the border between two sectors. For example, you are actually still in sector A, but the signal from sector B is more widely accepted.

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