This Mistake is Often Done When Shaving

March 28, 2018

If you are new to “wet shaving”, at least what you need to know is this type of shaving need you to lubricate your skin before you do it. One of them you can do by using ageless man. Many who think shaving beards or whiskers is easy when there is a small mistake that is often not noticed but can cause quite a fatal impact. What are those?

1. Lack of preparation for “wet shaving”

Many men think that shaving preparations just need to wet the face and lubricate it with soap or foam. Though not so fast, at least it takes waiting three minutes after you wash your face and wet it before you start shaving. This is to avoid irritation and trigger acne.

2. Pressing too hard

This is the most common mistake, pressing the shaver too hard on the skin. If you need to press hard, that means either your shaving direction is wrong, your razor is not sharp or you lack your lubrication.

3. The wrong shaver angle

If the shaver angle to your skin is too dull, you can risk making your skin hurt or irritated. Make sure your shaving angle sharply so your razor is not like poking and rubbing your skin.

4. Repeating the same shaving spot constantly

One of the fatal mistakes often done even by experienced shaver is repeating the same shaving spot constantly. Doing this is very risky to injury. The cause to be shaved in the same place several times there are some, for example, the razor is not sharp anymore, the hair is too long so only partially shaved or less lubrication.

For those of you who have read this article, do not make the mistakes above again yes. Because this is for your own sake, once you get a shave it will be visible on your face and it takes a few days to fully recover, even longer until the traces are gone.

Eula G. Snow

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