Tips for Avoiding the Distribution of Counterfeit Drugs

August 31, 2018

In an age of technological literacy like now, everything can be obtained with just one click. The bustle of urban society demands that everything is practical and often relies on online transactions, including buying drugs. Free trade in cyberspace is often a medium for the circulation of counterfeit goods with the lure of cheap prices. As a result, the circulation of counterfeit drugs is increasingly vulnerable. Find out if the stall where you are going to buy the drug has offline permission or not. If so, it means that the stall can be trusted. Also, ensure that the stalls apply pharmaceutical standards in accordance with the applicable law. It would be even better if the stall where you are dealing is not an individual property. Because, individuals are prohibited from selling drugs online, so drugs that are sold are considered illegal. One of them is a reliable pharmaceutical method for your medical needs vitamin tubuh.

The drug you buy must have a marketing permit. This case occurs a lot in the trade of hard drugs, slimming drugs or Viagra. You need to know, buying hard drugs cannot be arbitrary because it should only be purchased with a prescription. The drug delivery system that you buy also affects whether the drug can be accounted for or not. Goods delivery services that are currently carried out through online motorbikes may be considered more practical, but not recommended, because they cannot be accounted for. According to Dr. Astrid Wulan Kusumoastuti, some fake drugs do not give too serious impacts on health, it’s just not working optimally. However, in critical patients, the effects of counterfeit drugs that occur can be fatal, because they do not achieve the intended therapeutic targets.

Counterfeit drugs with the wrong ingredients active ingredients are most likely to cause harmful side effects in patients. For example, patients turned out to be allergic to active ingredients in the drug, allergic reactions that occur can be fatal, Circulation of counterfeit drugs is being controlled by various related institutions. However, as a consumer, you also need to be smart by checking more thoroughly before buying. To be safer, you are advised to buy drugs only from pharmacies, clinics, or authorized and licensed institutions.

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