Tips for buying a water heater

There are some ways that you can do in order to buy a high-quality water heater which suits your needs, and we’d like to share the tips with you in this article. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to also call the recommended Water Heater Repair service if your heater is malfunctioning or when it requires a maintenance.

Here are some light tips for choosing a water heater is as follows:

Prioritize safety factor when choosing water heater. Select electric water heater equipped with a safety like ELCB, etc. Use water heater gas equipped with the safety device.

Select the price of the water heater to suit the financial condition. Electric or gas water heater can be obtained with prices ranging from 500,000 to 2,000,000. For solar water heater, at least have to be prepared more funds. Also, keep in mind that there is an extra fee to pay for the installation of hot water pipes per meter.

For Water Heater list, air cond (AWH), and sure power, select the water heater capacity that corresponds to the number of occupants – viewed from the number of users, the number of bathrooms and what is used in the shower or bathtub. For bathtub used 1 person, minimal electrical water heater required with a capacity of 50 liters and a minimum of 80 liters if that uses 2 people. If the bathroom uses shower and the wearer 2 people can use electric water heater, with a minimum capacity of 15 liters. Solar water heater with a capacity of 150-250 liters can be used to meet the needs of one household.

When choosing a suitable water heater, it is important to look at where you live. If in large cities where water temperatures are usually quite high, it is more efficient to use electric water heater and AWH. With the water temperature is high enough, the process of heating the water did not last too long so that the electricity used is also not too much. If your residence is in a cold area, you should use a water heater gas. Water temperatures tend to be cooler will require a longer heating process, so the costs incurred will be more efficient if using a gas type water heater.

Submit the installation of the water heater to the experts, so safe when used.

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