Tips for Taking Your Baby Safely

March 31, 2018

For families who own a car, a car seat is a must-have when having a baby. Use of the car seat is very useful because it keeps the baby stay in position safely and comfortably during the trip. Thus, it will not interfere with parents while driving. To increase the safety of your baby sitting in the car seat, you can use baby car mirror.

This tool is an additional rearview mirror specifically created to see the condition of the seat in the middle seat/back of your car. An example is to monitor what your child is doing while sitting in the middle seat/back of the car. With this rearview mirror, you can always monitor better all the activities even when you’re driving without having to look back. Can also be used to see the circumstances behind the wheel either to see the condition of the car or traffic on the highway. There are many types of baby car mirror which you can find by visiting our website.

Then, whether the car seat is safe enough to use the baby, especially in the long journey which means long distances and taken in a long time? Should he sleep in the car seat without worrying about affecting the shape of his spine that would still develop? To overcome your concerns, try tips on using the car seat below:

– Limit baby sleep time in the car seat
If possible avoid taking your child on a long journey. Why? because it is feared the shape of a semi-upright car seat will affect the shape of the spine is still developing. The car seat is designed for traveling. Then before using it, you must read the usage guidelines and the correct position. Children should not be left to sleep for long in the car seat. Usually, the company that produces the car seat recommends a maximum time of only 2 hours. No less important, never leave your child while asleep in the car.

– The car seat should only be used in the car
Because the name car seat, so it should only be used in the car. When your child is asleep and you have arrived home, immediately move your child to the box or bed. Because the baby is safest to sleep on a flat surface.

– Keep an eye on the baby at all times
If you drive alone and alone with your child in the car, position the mirror opposite the baby so you can always see it. You can always find an option of baby car mirror by visiting our website.

– Watch the temperature in the car
Make sure the baby does not feel too hot in the car. If you feel hot then your child will feel the same way. Stop the car for a moment and immediately check the baby’s body temperature. You can open a little window glass to provide fresh air in the car.

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