Tips to choose the suitable and good drumsticks

February 20, 2018

The many types of drumsticks are circulating in the Asian music store. Starting at the price of thousands of silver installers in the online music store up to hundreds of thousands of installers. Even the drumstick itself has several sizes including size 7a, Jazz, 5a, Rock, 5b, and 2b, which are found in online music. In the end, the question arises, How to choose a good cheap music stick in a cheap music store? This is necessary especially if you want to get the best drumsticks.


Some brands that can rely on and circulate in Asia are Firth, Pro Mark, Zildjian, Tama, Vater, Ahead, Vic Firth, Pro Mark, Johny Rabb,& Regal tip. There are even some stick of music that is forged, among others, are the brands of Zildjian, Pro-Mark (hot rods) and Vater. However, there are weaknesses of the fake stick in the online music store is: The two sticks are not balanced, the wood felt hollow, very easily broken, the logo on the stick is not neat and many are not straight alias bent. If the stick for online music that you want to buy is included in the list of frequently forged names, then you must be very careful in choosing. Follow these steps:

1. If the stick is wrapped in plastic in a cheap music store, check it thoroughly by removing it from the plastic.
2. Hold and feel whether each stick is the different weight. If so, do not buy that cheap music stick, because a strong musical stick should feel a little heavier and not hollow.
3. If the stick is balanced. Roll the stick on a flat surface like a glass table or marble floor. When the stick is spinning, look at the end of the stick. If wobble then sticks is not straight and do not buy it.
4. Try to play the stick on the surface that is not hard like a carpet. Does it fit your taste?
5. The last one is to test the pitch of the drumstick itself. (if you want the perfect stick) Hit each stick on the surface of the ride cymbal, use the tip. If the two sticks do not produce the same pitch, do not buy! Or maybe as a suggestion, just save it and try another.

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