Two simple tips for avoiding too many deaths in CS: GO

Of course, when playing FPS games especially CS: GO, you should be able to work with your teammates to kill enemies quickly. If any member is doing careless or unnecessary things then the safety of the team can be threatened and cause your team to lose the battle. So here are some tips we can give you to help you become a better Counter-Strike player. These tips we usually get from other players and we think quite useful for how we play. Here are some tips we can share with you when it comes down for playing Csgo:

Do not reload too often.

Most FPS game players often perform unnecessary reloads and more in less precise conditions. CS game in-game weapons: GO takes 2-4 seconds to reload and in that time your enemy may have advanced to the position you left behind or looking for a better position to shoot you. Also, the lack of reloading is the sound that makes your position known to the enemy.

We once found an enemy who was hiding because He did reloading that may not be needed. It made him die by us and we managed to defuse the bomb so we won the game. So we do not think you should reload your weapon when you just fired 5-15 bullets. This is also because you can kill enemies with only 4-5 bullets only. So it’s better you only have 5 bullets in the weapon but the enemy does not know your position than you have a full bullet but the enemy already knows your position.

Do not make the unnecessary movements.

Sometimes we often perform movements that have no meaning in battle. For example, move to the right and left continuously quickly while firing on the enemy. In the game, Counter-Strike, when we do the motion accuracy of the shots will greatly decrease. So the possibility of your bullet about the enemy is very small.

However, you actually may not know the purpose of the movement and when to do certain movements. You should focus more on how you keep a place more defensively rather than being more aggressive. With less movement, your position may be much safer and your shot accuracy will be much more accurate.

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