Types of Flower bouquets and Their Use

October 28, 2018

Beautiful flower arrangements are endless. In fact, in the country of cherry, Japan, flower arrangement has its own artistic branch, which is called ikebana. Flower arrangements with various shapes and accessories sweeten the atmosphere of happiness and grief. And we must know that not all types of flowers are used for granted. Need a little knowledge to determine the right interest to give. Apart from that, you can check out the recommended arreglos florales whenever you need high-quality flowers.

Hand Bouquet. You may also often attend wedding receptions which at the end of the event the two brides throw hand bouquets to pray for the singles and girls to get married soon. A lot of hand flowers are also given to relatives who have just graduated. Usually, the size of these bouquets is not too large, consisting of dozens to dozens of flowers with matching colors and leaves that are arranged neatly using matching colors. Anyone would like to receive a hand flower gift.

Flower Arrangements for Tables. Not only for the dining table, sometimes the workbench can be decorated with flower arrangements, but of course, with a smaller amount of flowers and fingers can count. Flowers on the table are proven to calm the mind so that it focuses more on work. Another case with the flower arrangement intended to beautify the table. Usually, this flower arrangement is placed on the dining table to warm up the atmosphere of dinner. Flowers are placed in a vase or small pot filled with water so that the freshness is maintained.

Standing Flower Series. If this one, usually found along the red carpet to the aisle. A series of flowers standing supported by a pot or iron that is as tall as a human. A series of standing flowers adds a festive atmosphere and becomes a mandatory material at a wedding.

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