Types of materials that can be excellent for your roof

September 1, 2018

One of the important components of the building is the roof, with the main function of covering everything under it including all types of furniture underneath such as kitchen sets in the kitchen, sofa beds, bedroom furniture and still more. The choice of roof material in a building besides being influenced by location, cost, and quality of course also influences. Some of the following facts might help you. Aside from that, don’t forget to check out roofers Arlington whenever you need a reliable roofing service.

1. Clay Material

Some people have been familiar with clay for a long time. Making it through press and combustion processes. Although the construction is quite complicated, there are many tile craftsmen of this type in some countries. The most common color choices are orange to dark colors.


Prices are relatively cheap

Durable, fireproof and requires only a little repair

Strong and can be stepped on

There is an interlock system


Mossy and moldy so it needs to be coated with paint or a layer of glaze

Accuracy is needed in installing to avoid leakage

Requires a strong installation frame

Asphalt Roof Material

2. Asphalt Material

The material for making this type of roof is fiberglass and asphalt coated with minerals. Including best-selling on the market with two models, wavy and flat. The corrugated model only needs to be screwed to the recording beam while the flat model needs to be attached to the multiplex screwed in the frame.


Light & practical in the installation

Fireproof and quite windproof

Can be used on a sloping roof up to 90 °

Anti-fungus and fade

Many color choices


Prices are relatively expensive

Ceramic Roof Material

Ceramic Material

Ceramic roofs with glazed finish are also the best-selling titles on the market. Especially with the rise of modern-style houses with Italian or Spanish nuances. This type of tile is very suitable for installation on the balcony.


Durable, fireproof and only requires little maintenance

Made from natural so it is eco-friendly

There is an interlock system

Can break


Can not be installed on a slope of more than 30 ° so that the water can flow perfectly so it does not leak

Need to be bolted so as not to easily escape when hit by the wind

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