Use These Tips To Get The Best Make Up on Your Wedding Day

February 20, 2018

Many people want to have a very romantic wedding day and are not bothered by anything. For that, many people are preparing their wedding very mature to get the dreams they have had before. One thing I can not miss when it comes is wedding photos. You need to have a great photo for you to always remember. In byron bay wedding you can entrust your wedding photos.

In addition to wedding photos, the thing that is not less important on the wedding day is the makeup used by the bride. Many brides are afraid to wear too thick makeup during weddings during the day. For that, some makeup tips that can be used at weddings during the day may be a little help.

– Choose Make-Up Natural
Although held in the daytime, does not mean you should not look beautiful. You can use basic makeup, such as blush on, eye makeup, foundation and lipstick to make you look fresher. You can use pastel or natural colors so that it is not too different from your real look.

– Not Using Excessive Eyeshadow
If you start thinking about using a smokey eye makeup at your wedding to make you look classy then you’re wrong. On your wedding day, you have to use eyeshadow with natural color like pink, or peach with darker gradation to make your eyes more charming.

– Select the Best Foundation
Because the air during the day is a little hotter, then you should use a very appropriate makeup base so that your face is not looking dull and tired. So, use the best foundation that suits your skin.

– Select Lipstick With Neutral Color
Lipstick are also often a problem of makeup. For weddings during the day, try to choose a lipstick color that is not too dark and not too bright. You can use neutral and pastel lipstick colors for your wedding

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