What to Do for Regular AC Maintenance

When you already know what to do in AC care, then when is the best time to clean it up? In addition to the visible pile of dust and the musty smell coming out of the air conditioner, the noisy noise also indicates that your air conditioner is time to be cleaned. However, if your air conditioner continues to operate as usual and does not show any signals it does not always indicate that the air conditioner is in good condition. Therefore, ideally, AC needs to be cleaned once a month. After you benefit from the presence of ac repair Wheaton IL, make sure you will always deal with these following things to get your AC works as it should.

Temperature Settings

Should not be too often set the AC temperature below 22 degrees Celsius. This makes the AC engine becomes hot fast. In addition, the temperature of 22 degrees Celsius is the normal temperature for a climate in Indonesia.

Routine Cleanup

Perform regular cleaning for the interior of the AC. This routine cleaning you can do once a month if the air is not too dirty. But if the air is dirty, you can do the cleaning 2 times a month. This air conditioning cleaning also concerns the air quality that is in your room. If your air conditioner is dirty, indoor air circulation will get dirty so it is not good for health. Not to mention the dust and dirt on the carpet your room adds to the dirty air conditions, so this cleaning needs to be done routinely.

Clean Dust

Dust that accumulates on top of cabinets or wall walls will be filtered by an air conditioner and difficult for AC work. The more dust attached to the air conditioner, the more difficult the AC will work and you need to wash the air conditioner as often as possible. Therefore, you should leave dust attached to the closet, wall regularly this will help the AC performance indirectly.

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