What You Need to Know About Violin

Perhaps, you all wonder how the electric violinist is skilled in playing violin. Do you know? Violin is just like any instrument, which means that it has the things that individuals may never think about.
1. The resulting sound is diverse

Every violin made has different sounds. Although the brand is the same. In fact, I once asked the violin maker, it is commonplace it happens, the same material way step by step is the same, but his voice really different? This is one of its uniqueness. In this case, the sensitive ears may be able to distinguish them.

2. Sensitive

Ever try a violin string? or play? if we are wrong to push the location of the tone a little, must change right? Moreover, the distance between the tones is not limited, because fretless. Not only that, in the case of mounting strings, tuning or bridge installation also needs to be careful.

3. Hard to play

Make it hard, the game is also difficult, but how come one can? those who can play is not impossible or rare that immediately can be so cool, there must be a process and take a long time. As well as a routine and gradual exercise.

4. Have Family

They also have families, in addition to violin, there are the bigger size, Viola. There is also Cello or Contra bass. Mainnya same, swipe as well. But the size and the basic tone of the brand are different.

5. The price can be up to expensive

From 300 to several hundred also exist. Really? Ever find the price information violin Antonius Stradivarius on the Internet how? Of course very expensive. Because of the existence of this violin, there are only a few left in this era. Even the price of one of his violin may be able to make a luxury purchase.

6. Treatment is not easy

For the treatment of the violin is also pretty expensive anyway, if that is already professional. Must regularly change the string, replace the hairs bow..

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