When those without a financial strength require a lawyer

One of the efforts to avoid severe punishment is to use the services of lawyers, both during police and court hearings. Why is that? A lawyer’s services are needed to avoid a suspect or defendant from a “trick” statement or question and ultimately incriminate you. Not only that, a reliable lawyer is able to see the legal loopholes that can be used to alleviate the threat of punishment for the client. Meanwhile, for those with big companies and budgets, they may need to check out the recommended bocater lawyers as well. If the case of a twisted case you are finally brought to court, it would be wise if you use the services of lawyers to assist during the trial, especially if the threat of punishment you face is quite heavy, for example over five years. However, if you are confident in your own ability and believe in winning the case, you can go to trial without a lawyer.

For those who can not afford, the state can provide lawyers for assistance. In addition to the state facilitated, you also need to contact the Legal Aid Institute in your city. Using the legal advisory services of the Legal Aid Institute will assist you in terms of payments since the Legal Aid Institute is there to assist the less fortunate and illiterate. Not being able to be here is shown by a certificate of inadequacy from the local authorities. Another blind law, the blind law saw from the case at hand.

If the case faced by the suspect/defendant concerns matters of greatest effect on the community (human rights violations, judicial mafia, land rights, social, economic, cultural, and the death penalty), even though the defendant has economic ability, The law will provide legal protection. Be a little different when you choose to find your own lawyer than choose a “free” state-provided lawyer.

If so, then you should choose as closely as possible and negotiate with the lawyer. There are several points to consider in order to get the ideal lawyer as follows: The lawyer must have a practice permit granted by the professional organization. Especially for a lawyer or public defender who is incorporated in the Legal Aid Institute can then apply for a license of incidental practice to the Chief Justice.

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