When your computer is being hacked or spied on

February 8, 2018

There are many cases where the computer may be exposed to a border, usually hackers or security system breakers by using online channels or when embedded with an internet network. Therefore you need to be wary of your computer security system, please you can check how to check the security system laptop and computer as follows. Meanwhile, you can also try Bug Detector for the better way to protect your privacy.

Signs of Computers & Laptops In Hacking Security system

Prior to the way security system checks, you should pay attention to this. There are some features where the computer can be controlled or called by the remote computer by others, there are generally two types of remote ie the remote for good, for example, you want help by others for that others can guide you in completing the work, and there are also doing remote for malicious purposes. Therefore you can know the characteristics of the computer being hacked like:

You need to look at the task manager, the process of the task manager increases. This is a possible cause of viruses, how to check if you can click WIN + R and type taskmgr and hit enter.

Computer hardware will work excessively, this may be caused by a virus that demands computer work to feel heavy and become a burden on the computer, usually, this will damage the computer itself.

Performance of a computer or laptop to be slow, this is the impact of the virus that can attack your computer directly.
There is a file on the drive without your knowledge, the nature of the virus is able to reproduce.

The mouse cursor and the keyboard move on your own, chances are you are being controlled or spied on by others.

Actually, there are many more impacts of security hacking system, so you can avoid the virus need to do a security test on your device.

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