Why Clean Bathroom and Toilet is a Must

February 5, 2019

The bathroom is one of the most important places in the house. Besides being useful for removing impurities in the body, the bathroom can also be used to clean dust and sweat that sticks to the skin after so long outside the house. When it comes to bathroom renovations in Perth, make sure that you also consider the needs of its clean so that you and other people who enter that room will feel comfortable regarding of what will be done inside the bathroom. If you are ready to see the change in your bathroom, then you can call us for the bathroom renovation service.

A bathroom is also a place that needs to get maximum cleaning every week. There are many benefits if you routinely do cleaning for your bathroom. for more information, let’s just go straight to the review below.

1. Clean Bathroom Produces a Healthy Body

A study published in “Applied and Environmental Microbiology” assesses microbes in public toilets. Scientists actually found genetic traces of more than 77,000 different types of bacteria and viruses in public toilet spaces which were sampled in this study.

But even after cleaning, the experiment proved that the surface of the bathroom is not always microbial free. According to researchers who study about toilets at San Diego State University, California. In one hour of cleaning and disinfecting, the bathroom will still be recontaminated with microbes and fecal bacteria.

Reducing Opportunities for Disease Dissemination

It may sound very dirty, but without realizing it, bacteria can easily move from a washing basin to toilet to toothbrush and other toiletries in your bathroom. They also have the ability to breed quickly. With a number that is not small, bacteria can carry many diseases that are harmful to your health. Cleaning these places regularly can ensure that you are free of colds or others without worrying anymore.

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