Why do older people sleep more during the day?

August 26, 2018

In the elderly (elderly), there is a change in sleep patterns. There are some who complain of having difficulty sleeping. Some also fall asleep more often during the day. Sleep difficulties can be caused by illness. What are the causes of elderly naps often? Here senior care dallas share the detail.

1. Elderly sleeps longer
As we get older, the quality of sleep in the elderly is indeed reduced. They will often wake up in the middle of the night, it’s hard to fall asleep, or wake up early. Of course, this causes their sleep time to decrease. Even though normal happens, they still need more time to sleep. Therefore, the elderly usually often sleep a few short sessions a day, usually sleep during the day, giving the impression that they are seen sleeping all day.

2. Quantity and quality of sleep in the elderly
The more mature, the duration of sleep in a person will decrease. In infants and children, they need about 10 hours to 14 hours to sleep per day. As for teenagers and adults, they need about 7 to 9 hours to sleep per day. Then, for someone over 30 years, they have less time to sleep usually 6 hours to sleep per day. The duration or duration of sleep in the elderly can be considered through factors such as:

– How long the elderly are on the bed until they fall asleep
– How long the elderly are in bed after awakening
– Often the elderly wake up at night, which can break the sleep cycle and may take time to fall asleep again.

Energy levels and endurance in the elderly are reduced. If the elderly do an activity, it can make him tired and need time to rest, such as sleep. This is normal because of activity. However, if sleep occurs excessively without any activity, then there are other causes. Some of the factors that cause elderly people often take a nap or take longer to sleep, namely:

– Reduced activities and activities carried out by the elderly can make him spend time on the same activities over and over again. This can cause boredom.
– Elderly people who are obese certainly do less activity because they are easily tired by their body weight. This fatigue can make it easy to fall asleep during the day.
– Depression
– Heart disease
– Deficiency of certain nutrients

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