You Should Know The Right Way To Choose A Carpet

What do you consider when you want to buy a carpet? The motif, material, or color? Whatever it is, you must pay attention to the concept of space that is carried. It’s because the theme or concept of space is very important in the process of choosing carpet. To feel a warm and comfortable sensation, both aesthetically and psychologically, you must pay attention to 4 important elements when choosing carpet, which are color, pattern/texture, material, and size. These four elements will also make it easier for you to determine whether the carpet will act as a focal point or just as an accent. Besides being adjusted to the role of the carpet and the theme of space, the choice of carpet is also based on the function of space. Apart from that, you should hire the trusted Carpet Cleaning The Hills when your carpet becomes very smelly the hills carpet cleaning.

Complicated Details for Classic Touches

When choosing carpets for interior themes with a classic touch, Persian carpets or other carpets with oriental and European details can be an option. However, if you combine it with a modern concept, you can use a carpet with a motif that is not too complicated but still reflects a classic touch, for example, geometric motifs. You can also choose a carpet that has a motif on the edges, as an accent so as not monotonous. In terms of color, carpets with a classic touch more use soil colors, such as dark brown or cream.

Choice of Motives for Modern Touch

For those of you who like modern touches in the interior, carpets with plaid motifs, straight lines, geometry, curvature, or plain can be the best choice. If you want to be adjusted based on color, you can choose natural colors like white, gray, or brown. The choice of color is also determined by the color shades in the room. If the room is white, you should use a white carpet, but mix it with other colors as accents, for example, red.

The Different Space Means Different Applications

Not only from the interior theme, but carpet selection is also adjusted to the function of space.

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